Yoga goods on Society 6

I’ve been wanting to put my Gnomaste illustrations on yoga mats and yoga apparel for the longest of times, years in fact, so I’m very excited that Society 6 let me have a chance to do it. Go over to my instagram if you want to see a few more picture, and then follow the link in my bio to my society 6 shop! Yay for Yoga and gnomes!

Just Gingerbreads in a Gingerbread Town doing Gingerbread things

Hello! And Happy New Year!

So, I didn’t get to draw as many of these Just Gingerbreads as I had wanted or planned this last month, but here are the final 4… Thanks for letting me share.

1.Just that one Gingerbread who goes OTT with the lights in a Gingerbread Town.

2.Just some Gingerbreads around a fire in a Gingerbread Town.

3.Just a Gingerbread family doing their holiday shopping in a Gingerbread Town.

4.Just two Gingerbreads iceskating in a snowy Gingerbread Town.

inkTOBER days 10-15

Posting these in a batch again. I really am enjoying my Gouache Ghosties. The quotes are important and inspirational and good to think on and adopt. I especially like Rosa Parks and Oscar Wilde’s quotes in this batch.

inkTOBER Days 6, 7, 8 and 9

Here I am, 4 days late on sharing my inkTOBERs, but do not fear, I have gotten my act together long enough to post them at last. Been a bit busy making greeting cards and making Etsy listings. By the way, check out my store, I have a calendar for sale, and it’s quite good I must say, also some lovely Prints, and now, TWO, that’s right TWO Custom Art Options. And, soon, there will be a Marti at Christmas Book, Enamel Christmas Pins and Greeting Cards, so check it out and buy something if you’re feeling generous and enamored of something I’ve made. Thanks. Oh, and here are my inkTOBERs…

inkTOBER day 3,4 and 5

Alright alright alright, what’s happen, look alive look alive… or you know dead like these ghosties… here is inkTOBER days 3,4 & 5. I don’t have much to say about them other then I think they’re improving a bit each time… Day 5 is my favorite so far.

2018 inkTOBER Ghosties in Gouache

It’s October! I love October, because I love fall and halloween, so I’m very excited. It’s been all drizzly and grey today and I’m totally fine with it. These types of days are meant to draw and read and be cozy on the couch watching reruns of friends… At least, that’s what I did today. I worked too, but work was illustrating, getting in a box of freshly printed calendars, taking pictures and making an Etsy listing…. I didn’t mind any of it. But, this post isn’t about that, it’s about inkTOBER!!! This year I decided I need to improve my Gouache painting abilities, so, I came up with Ghosties in Gouache, a series of paintings that are inked (hence inkTOBER) of famous dead people as ghosts with a quote. After I sketched all the ideas out, I really love it and think it’s going to be a visually cool series. So, since i didn’t post this yesterday I’m going to leave Day 1 & 2 here for your viewing pleasure.

Marti 2019 Calendar

Hello, it’s been a very long time, I apologize. But exciting news, today I launched my first Marti 2019 Wall Calendar!! I’m so excited! Even better is that next year I have a better idea of what I want and need to do for a calendar. I have lots of other items in the process of being made, from enamel pins to a Marti at Christmas book, greeting cards and maybe, even, possibly, some mugs. I’m very excited about all the things, hoping you all will also be a bit excited and maybe find something you’d like that I’ve made. Now that I’m just being a freelancer I’m hoping to get more things out to the world and be able to blog regularly. I have been slacking on here and that stops here and now, today.

Year of the Dog

Friday is Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year, if you prefer) and I do really enjoy Chinese New Year and the way folks celebrate, dragons and dancing, good clean fun. So, I drew my one and only Marti dog celebrating a year all about him and his kind, the best kind, the dog kind. He wishes you all a happy day, happy year, and if you celebrate, celebrate safely and many happy returns! 


Marti@CHRISTMAS the entire 31 days

So, back in December, I did a drawing challenge... I called it Marti at Christmas. Marti is my dog, his full name is Mad Martigan and he's adorable and a big ol' lump. I love him so. Anyways, here is the entire series of drawings. I'm going to clean them up digitally and then make a zine/book out of them. As well as a zine/book, there is a Calendar in the works and many other projects involving my dog, because Marti really is a cute little character.  


Okay, so, wanted to update the Blog, and decided to try a new platform as well, cause, why not... right? So, Welcome. Here’s a drawing of my dog Marti celebrating!